Soon our women's teams will be active on the European stage.














1/16 finals

14/12/2022 20.30 vdk bank GENT Volero ZURICH (SUI)
20/12/2022 20.30 Volero ZURICH (SUI) vdk bank GENT

Volero Zurich cannot didn't find a hall for their home match. That is why that match will also be played in the Edugo Arena.

15/12/2022 20.00 CV Kiele SOCUELLAMOS (ESP) VC OUDEGEM
22/12/2022 20.00 VC OUDEGEM CV Kiele SOCUELLAMOS (ESP)

If both Belgian teams survive these confrontations, they will play against each other in the 1/8 finals!

Tchalou Volley got a wild card for this competition.

22/11/2022 18.00 PTT SC ANKARA (TUR) 3-0 TCHALOU Volley
30/11/2022 20.00 TCHALOU Volley 1-3 PTT SC ANKARA (TUR)

Asterix AVO Beveren starts one round later

21/12/2022 19.30 Asterix AVO BEVEREN OK HERCEG NOVI (MNE) or BK TROMSO (NOR)


In the quarterfinals of the Belgian Cup, Hermes Rekkenshop Oostende (3-1 against Interfreight Brabo Antwerp), vdk bank Gent (3-0 against ES Charleroi) and Volley Haasrode-Leuven (1-3 against Beobank Roeselare) were able to easily take the win.

The match between VC Oudegem and Asterix AVO Beveren was completely different. A match on the cutting edge with a 2-3 final result (13-15 in the tiebreak).







The battle for the supercup between VC Oudegem and vdk bank Gent was very exciting.

Gent was able to win the first two sets thanks to heavy service pressure (25-21/25-14).

When that service pressure decreased, Oudegem was able to keep up (23-25 / 21-25).

Oudegem took the lead in the tie-break and Ghent was only able to keep up at 11-13. Ghent needed five match balls to take the win (19-17).


Match report Supercup

On the European platform, vdk bank GENT is leading the way.

Wednesday, October 19 at 8.30 pm they will play the first leg of the first round in the Champions League against Vasas Obuda Budapest in the Edugo Arena.

A week later, the return leg will take place in Hungary on Wednesday, October 26 at 6 p.m.

If there is a win, the second round will immediately follow.

In the event of a loss, a match against Volero Zurich in the CEV cup will follow later.

Normally the Supercup is played before the start of the competition. Due to the successful participation of the Yellow Tigers in the world championships, that was not possible this time.

The Women's Supercup will be contested this season on Sunday, October 30 at 4 pm. in De Meerminnen in Beveren.

National champion vdk bank GENT Dames will compete against cup winner VC OUDEGEM.



Today (28/06/2022) the drawing of lots for the CEV Cups took place in Luxembourg.

Here you can find the results for the Belgian women's clubs that registered.












Champions League
vdk bank GENT
1st round
CLVW 7/8 - H 19/10 - A 25-27/10
Win: 2nd round (Tenerife LA LAGUNA (ESP) or Bimal-Jedintsvo BRCKO (BIH)
Loss: CEV Cup 1/32 - Volero ZURICH (SUI)

1/16 finals
CCW 9/10 - H 13-15/12 - A 20-22/12

Challenge Cup
1/16 finals
CHCW63/64 - H 13-15/12 - A 20-22/12

Challenge Cup
1/32 finals
CHCW 35/36 - H 22-24/11 - A 29/11-1/12
BVA Cup Winner - TCHALOU Volley
(BVA Cup Winner is the winner of the Balkan Cup and will only be known later)

Finally, the Women's Liga is played with 10 teams.

So the playoff formula was adjusted and hopefully can be held for several years.











Qualifier 1 (Q1) Qualifier 2 (Q2)
#1 - #2 - #3 - #4
Double Robin Round
Bonuspoints: +6/+4/+2/0 (Ranking RC)
#5 - #6 - #7 - #8
Double Robin Round
Bonuspoints: +6/+4/+2/0 (Ranking RC)
#1 (Q1) & #2 (Q1) → PO Champion
#3 (Q1) → European slot 3
#4 (Q1) → PO Europe
#1 (Q2) → PO Europe


PO Champion PO Europe Play Down
#1 Qualifier 1 - #2 Qualifier 1
Best of 3
(#2-#1 / #1-#2 / #1-#2)
#4 Qualifier 1 - #1 Qualifier 2
Best of 3
(#1-#4 / #4-#1 / #4-#1)
#9 - #10
Best of 3
(#10-#9 / #9-#10 / #9-#10)
Winner → Title + European slot 1 (CL)
Loser → European slot 2
Winner → European slot 4
Loser → European slot 5 (evt.)
Loser → Descender

In the first game of the finals, Jaraco LVL took a narrow 3-2-victory (11-25/25-17/25-23/18-25/16-14).
Although the second game had a very exciting course, VDK bank Gent was still able to put things in order: 3-0 (25-18/25-22/25-19).
The spectators also witnessed a fairly even match in the decisive belle. Encouraged by the numerous supporters present, VDK Gent was finally able to pull the punches: 3-1 (25-22/25-19/21-25/25-19).
A deserved champion, especially if the lossless regular competition is taken into account.

VC Oudegem conquered the Belgian cup by beating favorite VDK Gent. It is the second time that Oudegem has won the cup. For VDK Gent, which has not lost a single game this season, this is a bitter defeat.
After Oudegem was able to win the first set quite smoothly (25-16), the second set (30-32) seemed to herald a turning point. Nothing could be further from the truth: Oudegem also won the next two sets smoothly (25-16 and 25-20).

Photo: Rudy Pollé

The first game was won, albeit narrowly, by Oudegem (3-2).

However, the return match in Beveren was won with clear figures by Asterix.
As a result, Asterix finishes in third place this season, while Oudegem (cup winner) is in fourth place.

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Sat 03/12/2022 20:30 Cup Hermes Rekkenshop OOSTENDE - vdk bank GENT
Sat 03/12/2022 20:30 Cup Asterix AVO BEVEREN - Volley HAASRODE-LEUVEN
Sun 04/12/2022 17:30 Comp Fixit Volley KALMTHOUT - Euro-Services CHARLEROI
Wed 07/12/2022 20:30 Cup Volley HAASRODE-LEUVEN - Asterix AVO BEVEREN
Sat 10/12/2022 20:30 Comp Volley HAASRODE-LEUVEN - Euro-Services CHARLEROI
Sat 10/12/2022 18:00 Comp Interfreight Brabo ANTWERP - vdk bank GENT
Sat 10/12/2022 20:00 Comp LVL GENK - Hermes Rekkenshop OOSTENDE
Sun 11/12/2022 17:30 Comp VC OUDEGEM - TCHALOU Volley
Sun 11/12/2022 17:30 Comp Fixit Volley KALMTHOUT - Asterix AVO BEVEREN



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